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Usage of the eCOGS website or mobile app is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • This website, mobile app, and content is provided by the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, in Burke, VA (the “Church”), and Bent Systems Inc.
  • All users shall accept these Terms and Conditions as a condition of access to the website and/or mobile app.
  • All content and usage is subject to review by the site administrators and appointed officers of the Church, however, the Church shall not be held liable whatsoever for conducting or not conducting any review of any content.
  • The user supplying, uploading, or posting any information or content (the “content”) to the website or mobile app, shall be solely responsible for any liability or infringement (if any) arising due to the use of said content.  The user supplying said content hereby warrants that the user has sufficient rights to supply said content, and further grants the Church, and Bent Systems Inc. a non-exclusive, non-revokable worldwide rights to use, store, and display said content in any manner on any medium.
  • If any content or user behavior is deemed objectionable by the Church, the Church may in its sole discretion, require the content be modified or removed, and/or the user’s access be removed.
  • If any user violates these Terms and Conditions, the Church, in its sole discretion, may remove the user’s account, and or user’s content, and prohibit any future use of the website or mobile app by said user.
  • The policies in these Terms & Conditions are subject to change, at the sole discretion of the Church, and Bent Systems Inc.  Users must accept these changes or discontinue use of the website and mobile app.
  • These terms may be reviewed at any time by visiting this URL:  Terms and Conditions